Explore all of the study abroad opportunities that RWU has to offer

Grace Kenningham, Herald Contributor

Studying abroad is an opportunity that many students at RWU have the chance to experience. Students have studied at universities all over the globe: this includes six continents, only excluding Antarctica. However, if you have a passion for penguins, our study abroad office would be happy to work with you. 

 The study abroad office is very flexible when it comes to finding the program that best fits you. They work with universities, colleges and institutions overseas to build a safe and educational environment for RWU students. Week long, month long, mini semester, intercessions, semester-long or year-long programs are available to interested students. Not only do students have the chance to learn in a new setting, they also are site seeing and experiencing new cultures.  

On Sept. 19, RWU held a study abroad fair to provide students with information and resources regarding the different programs offered. The fair had tables set up with students who had studied abroad in different countries. These are a few examples of students’ thoughts and experiences abroad.

 Loren Sullivan, Class of 2019, Ireland Spring 2018 

“Everyone should experience [studying abroad]. You have a greater appreciation for the world and learn something amazing about yourself. My favorite part of being abroad was learning the different history and cultures. The countryside of Ireland was so breathtaking, it was my favorite place to be.”

 Molly Quilty, Class of 2019, New Zealand Spring 2018 

“Leaving home to study and live in New Zealand for five months was scary and exciting. It was a long time to be away from family and friends, but I would not take it back. I learned so much about myself and met so many amazing people. Traveling and hiking around the country was something I will never forget. I think studying abroad is an experience everyone should have in their life; it gives you things nothing else can.” 

 Grace Riggio, Class of 2019, Greece Spring Break Intersession 2018“It was a different environment and different people. I liked how it was a small group. There were about 15 of us, so we got to know each other. I really loved trying new things I’m not typically exposed to in the U.S.”

 Marine Biology students have some amazing options when studying abroad. One of the most popular is going to Bermuda. Students spend a few weeks in the classroom learning about the research they will be conducting. Then, the rest of the time is spent actually diving in the ocean to do the research. They get hands-on experience working with these species and equipment they learn about in their textbooks. A semester in Bermuda doesn’t sound so awful!

The CAFE (Center for Advanced Financial Education) program is a select group of 10-15 business upperclassmen that have the opportunity to balance two real money stock portfolios. An exciting aspect of this program is at the completion of it, students have the opportunity to go abroad and present their results to the international institutions they have been working with. In the past, these students have been to locations such as London, Zurich and Hong Kong. This year those students will be headed to Tokyo.

Studying abroad is an opportunity awarded to all students, and anyone interested is encouraged to talk to the study abroad office.