Fall Fashion: What to wear when the leaves turn

Courtesy of Janie Truchon

Janie Truchon | Herald Contributor

There comes a time every late August where I stop reaching for the denim shorts and tank tops. The temperature drops below 70 degrees for the first time and I have a desire to throw on an oversized sweater and fuzzy socks. Although it means packing away sandals and sundresses, the fall fashion has a comforting quality that is undeniable.

I spent most of my summer days in the mall working as a sales associate at American Eagle Outfitters. As early as July, I noticed the store creating displays of jeans and dressing the mannequins with sweaters and flannels, allowing back-to-school shoppers to get an early start. When I saw the autumnal colors and designs, I was inspired to start to plan outfits and get a first-hand look at what was going to be popular this upcoming season.

As with almost every fall season, earthy tones are a go-to. Army green pants, burgundy sweaters and rusty orange tops complement the changing leaves in September and October. If your goal is to add a pop of color on the dreary days, try Ceylon yellow, cherry red or bold teal; all colors that you’ll likely find in stores this year.

At the end of the summer, I purchased a yellow and white striped light-weight sweater from American Eagle that is a perfect transition from summer to fall. When a light sweater is combined with a pair of ripped, cropped jeggings, you’ll have a perfect outfit for the “in-between” weather days. Also, if you don’t have any bright clothing pieces but still want to add a brighter color, experiment with some colorful Converse or paint your nails to make the statement.

In terms of material, denim is highly desirable. Whether it be a cropped denim jacket, a high-rise mini skirt, or the “mom jean” — which made a huge comeback — a few staple denim items will be valuable in your closet for the fall. Some runways have even experimented with denim on denim looks — something that used to be a huge fashion faux pas.

Almost everyone in college tends to wear a mini jean skirt out on the weekends, but an easy way to dress it up is by adding some sort of jacket, such as a blazer, suede or leather jacket. The addition of over-the-knee boots and tights will have friends believing you spend hours planning your outfit when you’ve simply added a few pieces. 

These trends are sure to help put together a cute outfit for the fall. However, when classes are a bit too early, or the crisp air is a bit too chilly, grab your favorite hoodie and leggings and call it a day. After all, feeling that irresistible sense of coziness is what the season is all about.