On the Fly with Taryn Roche

We sat down with junior tennis captain, Taryn Roche, and asked her some rapid fire questions on a variety of subjects. Here are her answers:

1.     Age: Junior, 20

2.     Major/minor: architecture. Two minors: Italian and art and architectural history

3.     Why tennis? I’ve been playing for a while, since freshman year of high school.

4.     Why tennis in college? I couldn’t picture stopping. I’ve never gone a few months without playing.

5.     What’s your favorite thing about tennis? I love being on the court, but this year’s team is amazing. We’re so close.

6.     Favorite color? Purple

7.     Favorite movie? Anything funny

8.     Favorite musician/song? I don’t listen to much music but I’ll listen to anything that’s there.

9.     Favorite store? I like H&M, but I love the Nike outlets.

10.  If you were an animal what would you be? Elephant, I love elephants.

11.  What would your superhero power be? Read minds

12.  Describe your perfect date: Something low key. Probably outside, fun with good energy.

13.  What’s your dream vacation? Thailand

14.  If you could bring three items to a deserted island, what would they be? My phone, a bathing suit so I can tan and probably a deck of cards.

15.  Dream job? An architect in New York City

16.  Go to binge watch show? “The Office”

17.  Favorite food? Chicken fingers with honey mustard

18.  Favorite thing to do outside of tennis? Draw and paint