What to expect at the Gubernatorial debate

Gina Raimondo


Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Gina Raimondo has taken stances on economics, education, healthcare, infrastructure, energy and environmental issues and gun violence.

According to her campaign page, Rhode Island has gone from number 49 to number one in the nation for rising wages under her leadership, and has among the fastest annual construction job growth of any state. The site also says that she supports Rhode Island businesses.

Raimondo believes that Rhode Island’s preschool programs are among the best in the country with enrollment rates increasing by 70 percent in the last year. She has also worked with Child Care Assistance funding to make childcare more affordable while adjusting budgets for more investments in childcare quality. She has established all-day kindergarten opportunities, and she made SAT testing free for high school students, which led to 20 percent more students taking college admissions tests.

When it comes to healthcare, Raimondo has been vocal about having affordable healthcare in Rhode Island, and made this known when the Trump administration tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act. She has also been vocal about her focus on combating opioid overdoses.

Rhode Island roads and infrastructures have been a point on Raimondo’s radar, as well. She has improved more than 75 roads and bridges in multiple communities, according to her website.

Raimondo is also aware of environmental issues and climate change. Her goal by 2020 is to make Rhode Island 10 times cleaner. She helped establish an offshore wind farm, and entered the Ocean State into the United States Climate Alliance when the Trump Administration withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. When the administration threatened to open up Rhode Island’s coastline to offshore oil exploration and drilling, Raimondo went directly to Washington to state her thoughts.

In hopes of stopping gun violence, she signed The Protect Rhode Island Families Act, which prohibits gun possession by people convicted of domestic violence crimes, and requires that all guns they own be returned upon their conviction.

At the Gubernatorial debate, it can be expected that Raimondo will defend her stances specifically regarding these topics.


Information from ginaraimondo.com


Allan Fung


Republican Candidate Allan Fung has been vocal on keeping children safe, economic development, government reform and veteran affairs.

If elected, Fung plans to split the cost with each city and town to fund a school resource officer for every school. The position will be open to retired officers and military, as well as those on active police duty. He will also allow every school to be eligible for $30,000 for safety upgrades, and will be able to say which safety equipment works best for that school.

According to his campaign site, he no longer wants to see Rhode Island as the “worst possible state to live in” and the “worst state to do business.” He plans to lower taxes and cut the cost of starting a business in the state. Fung believes the high costs make citizens dread interacting with the government.  

His government reform plan has three main steps. The first has to do with fundamental structural changes. He believes that the government should be held accountable for all spent taxpayer dollars. He plans to eliminate fraud, corruption and waste by creating an Office of the Inspector General, who will conduct investigations in finances.

The second step in his reform plan regards social services. Fung plans to strengthen the requirements so that any able-bodied adult between the ages of 18 and 59 will be required to either work, be enrolled in a job training program, or perform community service at least 20 hours a week to receive welfare benefits.

The last step in his reform plan is about elections reform. He plans to hold elected officials accountable and make sure that anyone who has outstanding Board of Election fines cannot appear on the ballot again until they are paid, or have made a payment plan with the board.

The last main focus of Fung’s campaign is about veteran affairs. He plans to make military pensions tax exempt, expand locations for veterans affairs offices and expand job opportunities for veterans.

Fung’s campaign, though topically different than Raimondo’s, covers multiple aspects of Rhode Island needs and issues, many of which will be covered at the debate.

Information from allanfung.com