Who’s new to listen to? Get away from radio hits and check out these new artists

Kaylee Pugliese | News Editor

It may seem like the same few songs play over and over again on the radio and the top 50 all sound the same, but there are a few newer artists that are worth a listen if you are looking to switch up the Spotify playlist.

Abby Anderson is an emerging country artist. At 21 years old, Anderson has released her first EP, made her debut performance at the Grand Ole Opry and is currently on tour with country artist Brett Eldredge.

Her first hit single, titled Make Him Wait, sends a message to girls to take things slow in a new relationship, promoting self-worth and self-respect. The tune has almost three million plays on Spotify and is played on local radios across the country.

Anderson released an EP titled I’m Good on September 7. In addition to Make Him Wait,” she included four other original songs that dance around a comparable message. The first song on the EP is titled “I’m Good” talking about a relationship she had and how she’s all set with taking him back. Songs “Dance Away My Broken Heart” and “Naked Truth” are similar. The other song featured is titled “This Feeling,” a tune with an uplifting story about being able to get used to the wonderful feeling she was getting in a new romance.

Anderson is a bubbly, happy human that can brighten a cloudy day.

Another artist to check out is Lennon Stella. Stella, 19, played one of the lead roles in CMT’s Nashville as Maddie Conrad alongside her real-life sister Maisy Stella. This show centered around music and Stella’s musicality developed throughout the seasons. Now, after the series finale of Nashville, Stella is continuing working on her passion for music.

She has been consistently releasing teasers for her fans throughout 2018. With 1.2 million plays on Spotify, the acoustic version of her song “Like Everybody Else” was a hit. On Sept. 14, Stella released her newest single “Bad.” In this song, Stella talks about a relationship that ended. She wishes he would have treated her badly so the breakup would hurt less. With an indie pop sound, Stella brings a hipster vibe to her new music.

Another artists to get into is Dua Lipa. Her self-titled album is full of songs for a good car bop. “Lost In Your Light”  is an upbeat love song featuring Miguel about diving head first into love. Dua Lipa, 23, stepped on top of the charts with “New Rules” in 2017 with 9.4 million plays on Spotify. Songs like “Homesick,” “IDGAF,” “Hotter Than Hell” and “Garden” are a few of the songs featured on her first album.

Taking a break from the regular popular songs and listening to something new can be refreshing and can open endless doors for discovering new music.