Snuggle up to Fall: Cozy places to study on campus

Emma Bartlett | Herald Contributor

Studying is never fun, especially during midterm season. In order to get through the painful struggle of memorizing terms and writing papers, it is key to find a place to study where you can focus on your work. Fortunately, RWU has many study outlets, but the coziest spots to complete your assignments this fall are listed below.

A place people never fail to get work done is the third floor of the library. The quiet atmosphere can be intimidating at first, but it is the ultimate spot to stay completely focused. The couch looking out at the Gabelli School of Business and the Mt. Hope Bridge is one of the prime spots to sit. Since it’s in between a pile of homework, you can look out at the center of campus and watch the cars passing by on the bridge.

The ground floor of Global Heritage Hall (GHH) is also a cozy spot to study if you’re looking for a louder environment with more people around. The high top tables make it easy to meet for group projects and the nearby Starbucks is an added bonus when you want to grab a quick “pick-me-up” drink. For those who don’t like studying at high top tables, there are couches throughout the area that are equally as comfortable to work at.

If you want to kick back and study outside on a warm fall day, the lawn behind GHH is the place to go since you can easily set up your laptop and books over by the Adirondack chairs and tables. Depending on the time of day you’re out there, you can watch deer eating by the trees and see the sailing team practicing on the bay.

Since studying by the water can be soothing, try doing your assignments by the shell path. Completely isolated from the rest of campus, here you can study quietly while listening to the water and the occasional runner jog by. Students who come down here bring cloth hammocks to tie to trees while others lay blankets on the grass and do their work.

Whether you’re finishing homework or preparing for a midterm, finding a cozy spot to work on assignments will help make studying bearable. Everyone has a preference of where they can best concentrate and whether its indoors or outdoors, loud or quiet, RWU has many areas to cater to everyone’s needs.