19th annual Vortex Film Festival: horror and sci-fi galore

Students and other members of the local community listened to guest speakers at The Roving Eye International Film Festival’s fall edition of The Jewish Experience last year.

Kyle Gravel, Opinions Editor

Just in the midst of Halloween, Flickers’ Rhode Island, International Film Festival is teaming up with Roger Williams University to host the 19th annual Vortex Film Festival. Starting on Tuesday, the festival kicked off in Global Heritage Hall with an interview by Angela Ferguson-Martin –– an RWU Sophomore Public Relations major –– with  “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” co-star Robert Capron and a few short film premieres from Flickers’. Through the rest of this week new films, specifically in the genres of science fiction and horror, are being premiered on campus –– and if Tuesday was any indication the theatre in GHH G01 will be packed.

On Wednesday, Nov. 24th is when the festival will fully premiere its debut of sci-fi and horror films that has been hand selected by Flickers. Many clubs sponsoring this weeks festival will be set up in the GHH atrium, offering movie-goers pizza, candy, and assorted refreshments in order to make the premiers of these films, packed for the filmmakers and the students’ enjoyment.

Next, on Friday, Oct. 26,  another panel will be held in G01, hosting Actor/Writer/Director Tommy DeNucci, the recipient of the 2013 Rhode Island International Film Festival Robert Burgess Aldrich Award and more recently, the Shooting Star Award Recipient. The other guest will be Writer and Producer Michele Abbott answering questions surrounding the film industry and her experiences within it.

If you cannot make Vortex, Flickers’ and RWU are presenting the fall edition of the annual Roving Eye International Film Festival Jewish Experience Series. This year’s series explores representations of the Jewish experience in Israel, across the globe and the Holocaust through 10 recent films and is dedicated to the late Rabbi Marc Jagolinzer and entitled: “Arts And Culture: Shaping The Future, Reflecting The Past.”

These films will solely focus on the Jewish Experience through short films, documentary, media and guest speakers. So, if you were unable to attend Vortex, this is the next best thing and will take place on Nov. 6, 7, & 11 in Global Heritage Hall G01.