Calling out Common’s cereal catastrophe: Bring back the Bran

Kelsea Wells, Herald Contributor

Picture this: it’s 10 a.m. You’ve rolled out of bed with one thing on your mind –– a nice, big bowl of Raisin Bran. Some may argue it’s the cereal of the elderly, but you don’t care. For, you know, a nice heaping bowl of that raisin-y goodness would surely repair the damage done by the crushing amount of school work you’ve had to endure this week.


You start making the trek to commons. Sure, it’s a hike and a half, but the simple thought of that bowl keeps your morale up as you brace the winds coming off the bay.


You finally make it there and with the swipe of your ID, you’re in. The sweet smell of bacon and eggs wafts up your nose, but you can’t be distracted. Your mission is locked. Nothing will stand in the way of you and that bran.


Weaving your way through commons all the way to the hidden corner of cereal goodness, you grab a bowl eagerly and scan the columns. Chex, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios, Captain Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms –– but where’s the Raisin Bran?


Your eyes keep pacing back and forth but the intoxicating goodness of Raisin Bran is nowhere in sight and you feel your spirits deflate. Ultimately, you settle for a sad bowl of Cheerios, and a sad start to your day.


If this sounds familiar, chances are, you’ve noticed that the cereal options in commons, or should I say lack thereof, really aren’t cutting it these days.


I can remember those sweet first weeks of school where I could enjoy a nice, cold bowl of Raisin Bran each morning, oblivious to the fact that the coming weeks were to be Bran-less.


What is with the inconsistencies? Why is it that cereals come and go randomly? Last week it was Captain Crunch and now Raisin Bran? How are they choosing which cereals to carry and which to not?


We deserve answers.


Roger is supposed to be rated in the top 5 percent of the country in regards to food, yet I don’t see this reflected in the cereal selection. It’s hidden in the corner of commons, away from the rest of the food, like some kind of dirty secret –– and time and time again, I find myself disappointed.


Fellow Hawks, I urge you to start fighting for the cereal you want. Maybe you didn’t even know commons had cereal, maybe you didn’t even know this problem was plaguing campus.


Now you do.


I urge you to go up to that sweet bulletin board of food requests and write “we want bran” or “ we want Golden Grahams” or whatever cereal your little heart desires.


This is our campus, this is our breakfast and this is my call for change.


Your move, Commons.