Pop-culture or politics: Trump sits down ties Kanye West to not talk about Hurricane Michael

Natalie Delgado, Herald Contributor

On Thursday, Oct. 11, President Trump met with rapper Kanye West and retired football player Jim Brown –– both who are notable fans of Trump. The agenda of the meeting at the White House was to talk about urban revitalization. Who better than the outspoken, controversial, Chicago-native rapper to come speak his mind on the subject, right? Wrong.

All of this was happening while homes were being destroyed, lives being lost and people suffering in Florida from Hurricane Michael. Watching all of this almost feels like déjà vu to when Trump decided to go on a golf trip instead of help Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria last year.

During this meeting, West went on a ten-minute tangent talking about many things: alternate universes, Chicago murder rates, his father, the thirteenth amendment, an alternative to Air Force One, Hillary Clinton’s “I’m With Her” and much more. In this discussion, viewers heard West switching from one topic to the next at a very fast pace.

There is really no way of understanding the madness in West’s speech until you watch the full meeting. If you have heard any of the recent news surrounding West, you know this isn’t out of character.

While it’s good that they talked about ways of reforming Chicago — like abolishing the stop and frisk, this was not the vital conversation that America needs right now. What we need is for Trump to have meetings with officials from the FEMA, the EPA or Red Cross on how to help Florida in this vulnerable time.

The only reason Trump decided to bring West into the Oval Office was that he knew West would only say positive, supportive things on his behalf. This presumption held up since West and Trump talked about their love for each other, how West is a proud Black-Republican and how he often sports his red MAGA hat despite the backlash.

Someone more beneficial to have this conversation with would be Bruce Rauner, the Illinois governor, who could make some serious changes to the city of the state he governs.

Overall the Trump, West, Brown meeting was pointless and irresponsible for the White House to be focusing on at this time.