Spooky Album Review: “The Silver Scream” by Ice Nine Kills

Andrew Wessel | Herald Contributor 

The newest record from Boston-based Metalcore band, Ice Nine Kills, “The Silver Scream,” will send chills down your spine. This spooky 13-track album is filled with Halloween horrors that any scary movie fan will enjoy. The band is notorious for their incredible ability to write conceptalbums derived from the band members’ own interests. In this record, the band decided to write about their favorite horror films. Some songs on the film are about famous movies such as “Friday the 13th,” “Halloween,” “IT,” “Jaws” and more. Released on Oct. 5 this album is out just in time for the Halloween season.

Do you want to escape from Michael Myers? It will be hard to do once you listen to the album’s third track, “Stabbing In The Dark.” The beginning of the song includes the vocalist setting up the story of Halloween.

“In calculated silence, captivated by the violence of the play, fifteen years ago today, oh, an evil evolution, will bring a feeble institution to its knees, oh, doctor can’t you see?”

Directly after the vocalist finishes this, an alarm begins to blare in the song which imitates the effect that Michael has broken out of the Asylum and is on his way to Haddonfield to claim his next victims.

Later in the song, the bridge features a heavy breakdown beginning with the lyric, “I am a shadow where there once was light, strangling all signs of life, it’s either you or some kid down the street, the choice is yours, trick or f***in’ treat!”

The breakdown uses themes from the original Halloween soundtrack including the iconic pianochase music from the film when Michael is closing in on his victims.

The next terrifying track is “Thank God It’s Friday.” This song is about the popular horror franchise,Friday The 13th.” The beginning simulates the scene of a campfire sing-along where the campers sing the first part of the chorus, “He drowned in all our sins, he drowned in our mistakes, fueled by the flood, we pay in blood, the curse of Crystal Lake.” The song continues into a heavy verse with a constant driving double-bass and guitar riffs. Later in the song just before the bridge, the band uses a sound bite from the movie where one of the characters says, “You’re all doomed.” Directly after this, they use themes from the loud, orchestral music of the franchise for the heavy breakdown. The bridge ends with the vocalist screaming, “He’ll stop at nothing, forever hunting, Jason’s coming!”

The last song worth mentioning is “IT Is The End.” Based on the title, you probably guessed that the track is about the Stephen King novel, “IT.” The song begins with rain sounds and carnival music to give the effect that the story is beginning. The lyrics begin with the vocalist imitating Pennywise the clown, “Allow me to introduce myself, they call me the dancing clown, and you must be Georgie, did you hear my circus was in town?” The song features multiple other musicians, including the horn players from a ska band, Less Than Jake. They give the effect of a circus and clown horn throughout the song. At the very end of the song there is an orchestral section where there are many vocal parts weaving together to create a beautiful polyphonic sound. They use the lyrics of the song to bring a close to the album, “IT is the end… We all float down here.”

Anyone who is into horror films should check out this insanely ingenious record.