Sneakers are a black and white revolution: Ditch the boring converse for these new sneaker trends

April Federico | Herald Reporter

When someone thinks of sneakers, they usually think of exercise sneakers or typical Converse – the “fashion sneaker.” There are very few people that think of sneakers as ‘stylish.’ However, recent trends proved otherwise.

The more recent sneaker trend that came into fashion’s spotlight were the chunky, white “dad shoe.” These sneakers have a lot more support than the typical sneaker. They’ve been around since the ‘90s, so your mom, (or even your dad) can possibly attest to this. 

The major brand, Fila, is coming back with the Disruptor 2 shoe, (the original “dad shoe,”) and are being sold in shoe stores like DSW and Berk’s in Providence. The Italian brand had a rebirth and held a fashion show in Milan. The show was dedicated to the Disruptor 2 in collaboration with Bandier, a high-end activewear boutique.

Celebrity stylist, Jasmine Caccamo says, “while the look may not be for everyone, it’s more versatile than you might think because chunky sneakers can add dimension to your wardrobe—which could be why it found mass appeal, not just with sneaker heads. The trend provides an opportunity to expand your sneaker collection beyond minimalist styles.” 

The white shoe is also sold in a dusty pink and other colors. However, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and designers like Stella McCartney prefer them white because they are more elegant with any outfit you wear.

These shoes are not only fashionable with activewear, but they can also be worn with palazzo pants, skirts, leggings and even dresses.

Another shoe that has been in the spotlight for quite some time is the black Nike sneaker. Nike is not exactly “fair trade,” but black sneakers, in general, are also emerging into the spotlight and into peoples’ wardrobes. Black goes with anything, as does white.

Even the more personalized sneakers are in trend in 2018. Examples of these include: the Air Jordans, Reebok X Pyer Moss, the Nike X Travis Scott “Sail” Shoe, New Balance, Puma and even black and white Adidas.

If you remember a time when you couldn’t even walk in high heels, or any other shoe, you relied on sneakers for comfort and to run around like the kid you once were. So, ditch your pair of archetypal Converse sneaker for any of these trends.