The life of an American Girl Doll: Sofie Andrews models for a year as “Emily Bennett”

Sofie Andrews (right) holding an Emily Bennett doll while modeling for the role of Emily. She poses with Caroline, a young girl who modeled for Kit Kittredge, who is on the left.

Rachel Dvareckas, Herald Contributor

Many people grew up playing with American Girl Dolls, but only select individuals got the chance to play the part of an American Girl Doll.

 Sofie Andrews, a freshman criminal justice major, spent a year modeling as Emily Bennett, a doll who lives in the 1930s.  

 Andrews happened upon the role of Emily by accident when she was 7 years old in Indiana. She went to a show to support her friend, Caroline, that modeled another American Girl Doll named Kit Kittredge. The girl who originally modeled Emily was out sick.

The coordinators saw Andrews and thought she would be perfect for the role because she looked just like the doll. She continued to walk the runaway for a year, and she loved it. The job itself was pretty easy, according to Andrews.

“All I had to do was put on the iconic blue dress and walk the stage with the doll,” Andrews said.

The dress didn’t fit her perfectly when she put it on for the first time because the girl that wore it before her was a size larger and the coordinators of the show had to pin the dress back with sharp pins that would dig into Andrews’ skin. However, she was still very happy despite these inconveniences.

Wearing the dress was the best part of modeling for Andrews. The opportunity to model her favorite doll and being able to brag to others that she was this beloved character was the biggest perk of the job.

“My favorite moment was being in the spotlight. Emily was a newly released doll, released in 2006, so it was cool for everyone to see,” Andrews said.

Andrews was a shining star to hundreds of young children because she was a part of making their favorite American Girl Dolls come to life. Little kids could really relate to the characters when the girls who were the same age walked across the stage. The dolls were extremely popular and loved in Carmel, Indiana, where Andrews lived, so she played an important part in the lives of the girls she saw in the crowds during the shows.

Andrews has since moved on from her modeling days, but the experience has remained a pleasant memory that has stayed with her for the past 12 years. She has dreams of becoming a K9 officer in the narcotics unit after she graduates from RWU. Emily Bennett has left Andrews with many memories and a lasting impact that affects her every day.

“It definitely has impacted my character,” Andrews said. “At seven, I was able to say “I’m Emily Bennett.” Now, at 19, I’m able to say ‘I’m Sofie Rose Andrews’ with the same level of confidence.”