The Vets: An inconceivable evening review

Leia Stone, Herald Contributor

“The Princess Bride” — a cult classic beloved by fans spanning across many generations, from ‘die hards’ to more casual followers. Either way, anyone who has seen the movie has come to enjoy its originality, wit and humor, caught within the world of Buttercup, Westley and the company.

This is not a review of the movie, of course, but it is about the magnitude of it in reference to recent events. The 31st anniversary just took place back in September of this year. On Nov. 2, the Veterans Memorial Theatre in Providence held a special showing of “The Princess Bride” followed by a ‘Q and A’ with Westley himself, Cary Elwes. This event, otherwise known as “The Princess Bride: An Inconceivable Evening with Cary Elwes,” was a fantastic experience. 

The sound system and the projection truly did the movie justice by showing it in such a high quality format. It immersed the audience by throwing them into the heart of the action and leaving them to hang onto every line of iconic dialogue. Even the size of the audience itself was daunting. It was a crowd of over 900 people all on the edge of their seats, joking around with each other, enjoying the atmosphere and having good time watching a great film.

The movie can be seen anywhere in just about any format, but to watch it on such a grand scale and in high quality was stunning. However, what was most intriguing was the interview and commentary by Cary Elwes afterwards. Every question asked wasn’t only answered, it was presented alongside endearing stories about cast and crew that made the audience appreciate the work and people behind the scenes even more. The chance to hear insights straight from Elwes on such a monumental movie was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Stories can be retold later about Cary Elwes’s impressions of the cast and his “Monty Python” quoting, but to actually be there and witness and experience it in such an enthusiastic and light-hearted atmosphere was wonderful. 

I highly recommend seeing any film showing at the Vets because it is a wonderful venue with the ability to have any sort of presentation in such high quality. On top of that, I highly recommend going to events like this one, even if you don’t think you would seek it out normally. You could be surprised with what a great time you have.