TWRP and Planet Booty

Leia Stone, Herald Contributor

On Oct. 8 at the Middle East in Boston, a small, lesser-known band held a concert in the basement. TWRP may not be a band you’ve heard of, but they are definitely worth your time. Hailing from futuristic 1980s space Canada, TWRP is an electronic funk band that preaches about the light-hearted aspects of life as well as general fun.

The concert wasn’t just a typical concert — it was pure entertainment because all members of the band are amazing frontmen with great showmanship. The same goes for the opening band, as well, Planet Booty. Both bands have completely outrageous names and gimmicks, but they’re the types of bands that are needed nowadays; both fighting for fun, love and positivity. The music is absolutely wonderful on its own, but the show that accompanies it is so endearing, exciting, and captivating.

The venue of the TWRP concert was nice although cramped, but the performance was what really mattered most. It had high energy, lots of funny bits in between songs that made you laugh, great crowd interactions, and fantastic sound and lighting. The concert was a rescheduled one since the original date had to be moved, but they still gave it their all on stage. It felt safe and positive. It was a celebration, it was pure and it was about finding the good in the world. Planet Booty, although it sounds sexual, is a celebration of people. It is about consent, love and embracing who you actually are.

It’s refreshing to see bands that deserve recognition and love for the work and consideration they’ve put into their songs. Nothing is held back. It has been hard work to get to the point they are at. This is exhilarating to see and experience in concert. Both of these bands deserve all the spotlight and support they can get, and it’s inspiring to see such great work taking off.

Small bands like this often don’t get the attention or love they deserve due to a lack of publicity. Therefore it is worth it, no matter the band, the struggling artist or upcoming author, to look into their work if you can. It makes all the difference and can allow them to be recognized by the public eye. It doesn’t hurt to do a quick search of these bands, for the silly names and outfits alone, you should take a closer look at these artists.