This Day in History- 1865: The First Stock Ticker Makes Debut in New York City

Ashton Waldron, Herald Contributor

Stocks — an investment where part ownership in a corporation allows a person to receive part of that corporation’s earnings and assets. The stock market is a vital component to the world’s economy. It plays a role in the growth of the industry and commerce of the country which affects the economy in multiple ways. In 1863, the first stock price ticker system was invented by Edward A. Calahan. Using a telegraphic printer, Calahan was able to create a stock ticker. It was not until Nov. 15, 1867 when New York City was the first to use this device. This advancement in stocks made it easier for the accessibility of up-to-date prices as well as the availability to investors around the country. Calahan was able to figure out how to machine-print stock quotes onto streams of paper tape. The name ‘ticker’ evolved from the sound the machine made while typing onto the paper. Prior to this development, stock prices had been delivered via mail or verbal messages. On Nov. 15, Calahan provided the NYC with his invention that set the stage for future years to come where advancement in stock trading flourished. This increase in quality and speed of the ticker allowed for more exact sales to be made and less error to be found.