2018’s Fall and Winter Earring Trends

April Federico, Herald Contributor

Summer 2018 was a time of trends, but only some of these new styles managed to stick through to fall and the upcoming winter season. For example, the tassel earring. Earrings have become a staple accessory in 2018, but the tassel earring, whether adorned in silk, beads or even wool cotton, has made its way into the spotlight.

These earrings, no matter what color, can dress up any outfit, even a winter outfit. If you’re looking for a New Years Eve earring, find yourself a pair of tassel earrings. The best part? They’re not so ridiculously long that they completely touch your shoulders, but they’re a perfect addition to scarves and necklaces.

However, tassel earrings aren’t the only earring that’s trending. Hoop earrings, ear cuffs, rainbow/multi-colored earrings and personalized earrings are also “in” right now.

Everything is “bigger and better” nowadays and hoop earrings seem to prove that statement when it comes to jewelry. They were very popular in the 2000’s when J-Lo and Beyoncé were making their way onto the music scene. Nicole Wegman, a New York jewelry connoisseur, said that the Kardashians have been sporting this trend for years. These hoops can come in all shapes and sizes — thick and thin, pearls or diamonds.

Rainbow/multi-colored jewelry seems to be a trend that’s coming in the late fall season this year. YouTuber, Katy Bellotte, has recently been spotted wearing a rainbow thumb ring. Wegman said to “Who What Wear,” that “People are slowly getting out of their comfort zone of wearing white diamonds and introducing colored stones to their jewelry for a fun, fresh look. We love wearing deeper hues — emeralds, rubies, and sapphires in the winter, and brighter pops of color — pink sapphires, turquoise, and even rainbow.” Colors can be a great staple to any drab winter outfit because winter outfits are all about the darker hues, tights, turtlenecks, etc.

Cuff earrings are also trending. They work more with people who not only have ear piercings, but who also have cartilage piercings. These types of earrings are versatile, and they also provide an edgy look, (whereas personalized earrings have a fun, preppy style.)

Put your pearl stud earrings to the side and try out these amazing fall and winter earring trends.