Dance Club members dance the night away in fall showcase

Senior Cassie Myers’ choreographed “Jabbawockeez” inspired by the famous dance group.

Isabella Gentile, Features Editor

RWU’s Dance Club puts in an immense amount of effort during the first semester that leads up to a defining moment. A huge crowd of students, friends and family members of the performers showed up for the event that always packs the Field House: the semi-annual Dance Club Show.

A variety of dances were performed throughout the show, with styles such as jazz, hip hop and even a tap routine. Some of the dances were executed by only a few members, such as the Officer’s Dance, which included the four club officers: President Cassie Myers, Vice President Maddie Pizzuti, Secretary Lucia Petruccelli and Treasurer Sarah White. Others consisted of larger groups, such as the club’s big group dance, entitled “Backstreet Boys.” This routine was choreographed to a medley of the boy band’s songs and it definitely excited the crowd. Myers commented on this performance and noted that group dance is an opportunity for any person to get involved with dance.

“Since group dance is fun for everyone and we are joined by dancers with a wide spectrum of experience, it is great to see such a large group of men and women on stage enjoying themselves.  We think the crowd really loved it and it was a great ending to an amazing show,” she said.

Natalia Villareal, a dance club member who performed in the jazz routine “Love Runs Out,” shared her thoughts on the piece and the efforts of her choreographer, Hayley Peters.

“Hayley worked tirelessly to finish our piece very early on, so we had so much time to perfect it for the show and to showcase her amazing choreography,” she said.

Different dances in the show were definitely based on outside-of-the-box ideas. Myers choreographed a piece inspired by the famous dance group, the Jabbawockeez, during which her dancers wore white masks for the entire performance. There was also a dance performed to a spoken word track about the overuse of technology, entitled “Can We AutoCorrect Humanity?,” and a piece entitled “Addiction” that called awareness to substance abuse awareness.

A great deal of hard work and effort from all of those involved went into planning the show, with time dedicated from the club’s advisor Allison Chase Padula, choreographers, club officers, dancers and other groups/clubs on campus that lend their services to make the show a success.
“Overall, we are so proud of all our performers for their hard work and dedication to the club,” Myers said. “We feel this has been one of our best shows yet and we are looking forward to an even better show in the spring.”