Racy Stacy: Are sex dreams better than the real thing?

Racy Stacy, Herald Reporter

Having a sex dream creates the ideal: You have all the control of the situation, you know it’s going to be good because –– well, you can imagine it however you want, and there is no limitation as to who your partner can be. Sounds like the perfect scenario, right? Well, I spoke with three RWU students to get their take. What’s better, the real deal or a wet dream?

One senior said, “Yeah, they’re better. It’s really funny because you can dream about having sex with this person, and then you see them and think, ‘ha-ha I know what your dick looks like,’ but in reality, you don’t know anything.”

The other student I spoke with was a little less convinced, “I love sex dreams, but I find that I never actually get to the sex part. I wake up really disappointed.”

However, from speaking to these two students the question felt unfulfilled. While they both stated that they liked sex dreams, they didn’t go into detail about if they truly were better than actually having sex. So, I went to one more student and they said, “For me, personally, it depends who I’m having sex with in my dream. Like if I’m f***ing Channing Tatum –– then yes. Otherwise, no. Plus, with sex dreams, you never actually get off.”

It is a consensus that sex dreams are a welcomed deviation from the traditional dream routine. But it’s safe to say no one wants to trade sex for just sex dreams.