“The Haunting of Hill House”: A chilling TV series

The majority of people like to sit down on Saturday evenings and watch a good scary movie, but lately, that seems almost impossible. Every horror movie on Netflix is the same, and after a half an hour, it is easy to get bored of the plot and the terrible acting. There seems to always be the dramatic blood and gore mixed in with a couple of hot girls wearing tight shirts that make their breasts fall out after a couple of seconds of running away from a man with a chainsaw, gun, knife or a baseball bat. These are movies we now sit down to make fun of. It’s almost like finding gold when you do hit a horror movie that is unique and genuinely scary. 

A couple weeks ago, Netflix recommended a TV show called “The Haunting of Hill House.” At first, I rolled my eyes and shrugged it off because I believed that it wasn’t going to be anything special. However, a few days later, a friend recommended the show to me expressing its uniqueness and chilling storyline. So, with the short amount of free time that I have, I decided to watch the first episode. I was hooked from the beginning.

The story line is complex and every episode, it gets more and more interesting. It’s a story about a family of five who temporarily moved into a house when they were little. This house seems to affect each child one by one and they suffer from the house even after they leave. Each episode, in the beginning, is a focus on each character and what happened to them in the house. I couldn’t stop watching until all ten episodes were over and everything I questioned was answered. This show is a new genre for horror. It’s not your typical gore and jump-scare every five seconds. It has complexity and a storyline that is interesting and very chilling. I recommend this show to the people who want a good scare and a compelling story to dip your toes into. It makes your mind wonder about the possibility of the spiritual world and looks into the psychological mindset of the main characters.