Racy Stacy: Oh what fun it is…

Racy Stacy, Herald Reporter

It’s that time of year again. The eggnog is flowing, holiday music is in full swing and everyone is feeling a little bit jollier. ‘Tis the season for giving — in more ways than one.  A mistletoe moment is nice, but sometimes a holiday party hookup is more what you’re asking for on your holiday wish list. Here are some much-needed tips to keep your gift exchange on the hush hush.

    • Make a casual exit from the party. If you both leave to go to the bathroom at the same time, odds are someone will blow your cover. Leave one at a time and at a staggering pace. Yes, it takes more time but will keep things on the down low. Santa’s always watching, remember?

    • Pick your spot carefully. When at an office party, make sure there aren’t too many windows and the door has a lock. For any sort of home party, a bedroom is preferred. A bathroom may be the easiest but trust me on this one, if someone comes knocking there is no easy escape route. Think Monica and Richard from Friends (Season 2, Episode 16). Also, be sure you are somewhere noise isn’t going to be an issue — just in case.

  • Don’t drink too much. That cute elf may not be so cute the next morning. Make smart sex choices, always feel comfortable and try to make sure your sober self won’t hate you later, which leads to our final tip.

  • Choose your partner wisely. A friend’s ex, a close family friend or a coworker can all lead to awkward interactions. So, before you jingle your bells, make sure you are both on the same page.