“A Star is Born” Review

: Kathryn Sturdevant, Herald Contributor

When “A Star is Born” came out in theaters, there was immediate excitement because well-known pop artist and multiple Grammy award winner, Lady Gaga, was starring in the film. Along with Lady Gaga, there was Bradley Cooper who is a famous American actor. The most stunning part of the film for many was that Cooper actually has a singing voice, and his voice is a big part of the movie. With two very successful people starring in the movie, it was already building a good reputation.

The storyline of the film fit in with the classic 1970s “A Star is Born” starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. The story is about a famous singer who has grown a significantly large audience. Cooper’s harsh, husky voice goes with the harsh guitar that he plays along with. It’s clear that he struggles to keep up with his fame because, as he finishes a song, he turns to grab a cup of whiskey to help him finish his concert.

Early on, you can tell that the famous singer, Jack, has a drinking problem. He goes to a bar after his concert to finish his night off with the help of alcohol. There, he is introduced to the other main character, Ally, who is played by Lady Gaga. The audience is serenaded by her soothing voice as she sings to the people in the bar. Jack is quickly intrigued by her femininity and talent of singing. He is a very bold man who does not like to be told ‘no,’ so he uses his charm and boldness to get Ally to spend time with him. There is a scene where they shed their personalities in front of each other. Ally, who seems fragile and innocent, punches a man at the bar who was aggravating Jack.

They bond over music and their love to sing. Ally expresses how she has tried to make her way into the music industry, but she’s been rejected multiple times because of the way that she looks. Jack loves her music and the way that she writes, so he takes her under his wing. The turning point of Ally’s career is when Jack forces her out onto the stage during a concert. Jack and Ally share the spotlight together and the crowd goes crazy. It’s their dynamic that gives the stage magic. After her performance, people were running for her because they loved what she had to say.

Ally and Jack’s relationship grows as Jack loosens up on his drinking, but still struggles significantly. The drinking and drugs get in the way of their relationship, which strains it at times. Ally becomes bigger and bigger every day while Jack’s audience decreases. The movie demonstrates the transition of going into the music industry, and the struggles of drugs and alcohol. Their relationship falls apart at the peak of Ally’s career because Jack tears her down and humiliates her. With an incident at the Grammys, Jack comes up on stage very intoxicated.

After the incident, Jack goes to rehab. Jack starts to get better and Ally wants him to come back home, but the music industry gets in the way of their relationship. The movie brings you through many different perspectives of Jack and Ally. It brings you into the life of enjoyable music and lets you fall in love with the relationship that Jack and Ally have. Overall, it’s a great and emotionally moving movie.