Amo by Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon’s promotional band photo for their current First Love Tour.

Andrew Wessel, Herald Contributor

The English rock band, Bring Me The Horizon, has finally released their much-anticipated sixth album, “Amo.” The record was released on Jan. 25 and holds many sounds from modern electronics and poppy choruses to heavy guitar riffs and screaming vocals. “Amo” has thirteen tracks, all of which contain messages about various emotions that we, as humans, feel every day. This is highlighted in the name of the introductory track on the album, “i apologise if you feel something.”

The second track, “MANTRA,” is one of the heavier songs on the album and uses themes from the band’s previously released heavier music. Some of these elements include dark, distorted guitar riffs and harsh vocals.

The lyrics begin with the vocalist asking the listener, “Do you wanna start a cult with me?”

This line is used to mimic cult-like tactics that were used by cultists to get the disenfranchised to join their causes. In this case, the vocalist is asking the listeners to become members of the band’s fanbase. The tune continues into a very catchy chorus with sing-along vocals. The general sound from this song is very similar to the band’s 2015 release, “That’s The Spirit.”

The band decided to explore some newer sounds, especially in the eleventh track, “mother tongue.” This song is very poppy and light; something this band is not known for. The song sounds like it could have been taken straight off a record from a band like The 1975. Musically, this is because there are droning synths and powerful piano chord progressions that stand out in front of the other instruments which are similarly used in modern electronic dance music (EDM) or alternative music. The drums follow a straightforward pop beat. The bass and guitars play simple rhythms and chords in the background, thus providing depth and texture to the tune.

This song is also where the album gets its name, “So don’t say you love me falla ‘amo,’ just let your heart speak up and I’ll know. No amount of words could ever find a way to make sense of this, so I wanna hear your mother tongue.”

The last track that really stuck out was track number three, “nihilist blues (feat. Grimes.)” The song is electronics-heavy and sounds more like something that would have been released from an EDM artist such as The Chainsmokers or Martin Garrix. It is something that I would have expected to hear in a club before an album by a band such as Bring Me The Horizon. The song is also reminiscent of newer music from rock band, Underoath. Seeing as bands originally associated with music from “The Scene” are beginning to put out experimental songs like this, I am excited to hear what else these genre mashups will produce in the future. This song, however, can be appreciated for what it is now: A trance-like, thumping, fun song for anyone to listen to.

This album was a pleasant surprise to me, and I hope it will be for some of you, too. Take a listen, you may just find some new bangers for your playlist.