Racy Stacy: Sexual Resolutions

Happy New Year, Hawks, and welcome back for another semester. Now, we all know New Years is
the time for resolutions: going to the gym, getting a better study habit, not procrastinating, etc.
But I was looking for resolutions that were a little bit, well, racier. 
I talked to a few RWU students to grab their opinions of what 2019 holds for them: 

Student 1: This year I’m looking to find a boyfriend. Well, I guess just a consistent sex

Student 2: I’m down to have sex with a DILF at some point in life. Not sure if this is the year but
I’m really feeling the older man vibes right now so we’ll see what happens.
Student 3: Have a good orgasm from my partner. We’re talking full climax here folks.
For those of you who haven’t set any resolutions for yourselves yet, here are a few suggestions
for your best sex year yet:
Spend some time with yourself: If you haven’t already, find out what you like best and how you
like it. Knowing your body will help you in communicating with your partner and can lead to a
better bedroom experience for both of you.
Be more adventurous: Try toys, new positions, maybe even role-play to spice things up. You
never know if you’ll like it until you try. But don’t feel forced, never push yourself to the point
where you feel uncomfortable.
Mix up the location: Being intimate in the same location can get drab. Take turns staying at
each other’s apartments for a change of scenery. A hotel can also be a nice switch up for
something a little more private and special, but if that’s not in the budget, find an entirely
new spot to try.
As always Hawks, make sure to take care of yourself sexually and always use protection to
prevent STIs.
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