Racy Stacy: The Slutty Year

We all had that year when you really just went wild. Whether it started after coming out of a relationship or before settling down into one, you just let loose. Most of us have been there and most seem to share only two opinions on it; fondly remembering or trying to suppress. 

It’s a year of freedom when the world is your oyster and partners are a plenty. For guys and girls alike, what sparks the slutty year differs; starting freshman year thinking the best way to be rebellious is to sleep with everyone that crosses your path because you can, or you simply doing what felt right at the time. No matter the origin, it all still happened. 

Maybe you enjoyed being free of ties to a significant other or having the opportunity to get over an ex on your terms and in a way that worked for you. I know for myself personally, after breaking off an almost two-year relationship I wasn’t looking for anything serious and my dating trail sure showed that. For others, the slutty year led to finding a good relationship because you’ve experienced some good, and some definitely terrible encounters. Not so great memories, while we wish they never happened, were actually good for something. They can help discover what you want from a partner and what you don’t. No matter what occurred during your year, it’s over now (probably) and you have grown from it. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take what you have learned and enter a new, better year.