Aidan’s Pub Review

Spring break is only two weeks away, which means parents will be driving up to campus to pick up their kids. When they get here, they’ll most likely be hungry, so instead of grabbing fast-food for the road, take your parents to Aidan’s Pub on 5 John St. in downtown Bristol for a tasty lunch or dinner.

If it’s your first time visiting Aidan’s Pub, be sure to order the Aidan’s combo mix appetizer, which allows you to sample onion rings, chicken tenders, Wexford wings, mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers. It offers a balance of sweet and spicy, and caters to every individual. Since most of the platter generally has two of each appetizer, it is the perfect amount for a couple to share. Aidan’s nacho plate is also another mouth-watering appetizer worth ordering and is large enough to eat as an entrée if you’re not particularly hungry for an entire dinner. The mix of nacho chips with melted cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa, jalapeño and sour cream is exceptionally delicious and can easily be shared between a party of four.  

As if the appetizers didn’t already whet your appetite, the Leinster burger entrée, topped with bacon and bleu cheese, is juicy from the first to last bite thanks to the crunchy combination of bacon and creamy cheese that melts in your mouth. For cold days, try the seasonal farmer’s stew which tastes freshly made and is one Aidan’s Pub’s better known dishes.

Now, skipping out on dessert isn’t an option. The Irish cream chocolate mousse cake is simply amazing. The rich combination of mousse and Irish cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is not only aesthetically pleasing on the plate, but it is pleasing to the palette, as well. By this point you’ll probably be stuffed, but if not, it’s never a bad idea to order more dessert. Otherwise, since Aidan’s overlooks the Bristol waterfront, stroll down to the water after your meal to walk off all the delectable food you’ve just eaten.