On the Fly with Tyler Gazaway

Epke Paquette, Sports Reporter

Sports reporter Epke Paquette sat down with nationally-ranked wrestler, Tyler Gazaway, and asked him rapid-fire questions on various subjects. Here are his answers:

Class: Junior

Age: 21

Weight Class: 157

Hometown: New Providence, N.J.

Major: Construction management

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite movie: “Braveheart”

Favorite TV show to binge-watch: “Trailer Park Boys”

Favorite music artist: Eminem

What would your superhero power be? To fly.

What 3 items would you bring to a deserted island?

My phone, Chicken-bacon-ranch pizza, Riptide Rush Gatorade.

Do you have any outside hobbies? Not really, I like to watch Netflix and play video games.

If you were an animal what would you be? A wolf. They’re kind of cool.

Dream vacation? I’d go to the Jersey Shore. I used to go there when I was little.

Why wrestling: I’ve wrestled since I was a kid, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

How does it feel to be ranked #9 in the country? It feels really good. Obviously, rankings don’t mean anything but it feels good to be recognized.