Hookup travel guide

With spring break just a few short weeks away, you’ve probably already booked a flight and have your Airbnb ready to go. All that’s missing is your travel guide to spring break hookups. But have no fear Hawks, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a few tips and tricks to make the most of your vacay:


Keep the focus on killing it with your friends. For some, this is one of the last hoorahs of your college career. Make sure to spend lots of time with your friends and have some ‘me time’ — don’t force a hookup. But hey, if you find someone you like, go for it.


Chances are, you’re about to consume a whole lotta booze, so make sure you’re being careful. Don’t get too intoxicated and hookup with someone who you maybe didn’t want to. No one wants to be told they made out with a ‘rando’ they don’t remember. Watch out for your friends and keep your tolerance in mind.


Don’t have sex on the beach. Yeah, I know, lots of movies show couples having sex on the beach and then waking up together the next morning. Update: it’s not as good as it sounds. No one wants sand rubbing all up on your goodies and giving you a weird rash for the rest of spring break. Also, depending on where you go, it might be illegal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


If you do find that someone you want to slip off with, please let your friends know. Turn on your location in ‘Find My Friends,’ and text them occasional updates. Whatever you have to do, just to let them know you are alive and well. Plus, your friends will need an address if your special someone turns out to be weird and you need to be rescued.


If you and your significant other are going to separate locations, do not spend your whole vacation wondering what they’re doing. Yes, you are going to miss them, but it is also one week of your life and you’re with all your besties. Call them at night and make the most of your trip. This way, you’ll have lots of stories to share when you get back together.


Finally, and as always, use protection. It may be vacation, but not a vacation from birth control and protection from STIs.