Ballroom Dance Club members awe the crowd in showcase: “Dancing with the Stars of RWU” features students and faculty

Abby Camire (left) and Emily Kiehl (right) dance in “Fresh Eyes.”

Rachel Dvareckas, Herald Contributor

The television show “Dancing with the Stars” is not the only place where students can see dancers in dazzling dresses and heels dancing the Rumba or the Cha Cha. The Ballroom Dance Club hosted its own “Dancing with the Stars of RWU” event on Saturday, Feb. 9. The event went well and everyone involved worked very hard to make it something the audience enjoyed. One of the most important people involved in making sure the event went well is Abby Camire, a freshman marine biology major and the competitions chair for the club.

Camire is tasked with everything that concerns competitions, including choosing which competitions to go to and registering the club for them.

The hardest part about my role is that it is all very new to me,” said Camire. “I have never had to register ten or more people for a competition, much less try to organize TBA partners, for when we do not have enough people to partner with each other within our team. Others on the e-board including Emily Kiehl, Kaitlyn O’Connor, Ashley Ann Aydt and Veronica Sokira are extremely helpful to me.” 

Saturday night’s event was Camire’s first showcase and she had a lot of fun, even with the stress of ensuring the event went well. The event allowed her to perform again, which is something she did in musicals while in high school. 

The Ballroom Dance Club was a welcome opportunity for Camire because it allowed her to learn how to dance after years of wanting to take classes.

My favorite part of the club is being able to dance and learn different dances without too much stress. I’ve never danced before this so I came in with no dance background, but everyone was super understanding,” she said.

The club presents a great opportunity to learn new dances and have fun without much pressure from others. 

“My favorite thing about dancing is that it’s just fun. I love it,” Camire said. “It lets me put myself out there on the floor and all I have to do is move my body, I don’t have to talk or sing. It really helps me relieve a lot of my stress from school.” 

Camire wants people to know that the club is an amazing opportunity to learn something new without judgment and an instructor that makes sure everyone is having fun and it can boost everyone’s confidence. 

“It has provided me with an outlet for the stress I receive from school work, and it has allowed me to learn to do something that I always loved to watch and have always wanted to do,” Camire said. “Ten years ago I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that I would be a ballroom dancer in college. Now I am and couldn’t be happier with it.”