Make the college transition easier for the Class of 2023: Become a peer mentor and help students grow

Rachel Dvareckas, Herald Contributor

The first year of college can be tough for many students. Freshmen are experiencing life away from home for the first time and it can be very stressful. Peer mentors are designed to help these students during their transition into college life.

Peer mentors are a very helpful resource for freshmen at RWU. They help new students acclimate to life at college and the workload associated with it. Peer mentors are assigned a group of students to mentor and they are there for these students for the entirety of their freshmen year.

Helping new students navigate campus and find the classrooms they will need to go to when classes start, peer mentors help to eliminate some of the stress that students have regarding their new adventure. Mentors often meet their mentees during orientation sessions in the summer and bring them around campus, making themselves available to answer any questions students may have. Kristin Puk, a junior, is currently a peer mentor for the freshmen class of 2022.

“Being a peer mentor is a great experience and a lot of fun,” Puk said.

RWU is currently looking for new peer mentors to help the incoming freshmen, the class of 2023, in the fall. Information sessions about becoming a peer mentor for the 2019-20 academic year are being held in GHH 101 on Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. and Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. People can go learn more about the peer mentorship program and what they need to do in order to become a leader on campus.

In order to become a peer mentor, students must at least be sophomores when they begin to work. They need to know about the campus and the different departments, be an effective communicator and have good personal skills. They also must have two recommendations from different professors and be in high academic standing. The mentors gain a lot of leadership experience and mentoring experience from being involved in this program.  

“I like being a guide for freshmen coming into RWU and helping them get used to their new lives in college,” Puk said. “It’s a fulfilling job and you meet such nice people through it.”

Those interested in becoming peer mentors must pick up an application from the Center for Student Academic Success, which is located on the second floor of the library.