What to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Janie Truchon, Herald Contributor

Whether you count down the days or avoid thinking about it, Valentine’s Day has come. Many people assume this day requires you to dress to the nines, wear bright hues of red and pink, and paint an extravagant face of make-up. Then, this over-the-top look must be worn on a date with a significant other. However, the holiday does not require you to dress up at all, and often times, the best way to spend it is with friends and family.

If you choose to go on a date to a nice restaurant, a black dress with a red accent can be a perfect option without going overboard. On the other hand, a baby pink flowy shirt with a pair of jeans and booties would be ideal for a casual movie date or trip to the bowling alley.

When you would rather choose to spend the day with a group of friends, treat Valentine’s Day just as any other day. As long as you wear the clothing items that make you feel the most confident, there is no reason to plan anything extraordinary. After all, self-love is some of the most important love the day has to offer.

Finally, if you do choose to stay in with your favorite box of chocolates and a sappy love movie, there is nothing better than a pair of warm pajamas and fuzzy socks.