The Jonas Brothers Reunite After Six Years

Emma Bartlett, Herald Contributor

One of America’s most cherished boy bands is back together.

On February 28, social media went crazy with the announcement that the Jonas Brothers reunited and their new song “Sucker” would be released the next day at midnight. Online posts from diehard fans could be found everywhere with many individuals claiming they never believed that the brothers’ career together was officially over. “Sucker” holds the same energetic beat and catchy tune that the band’s older music does, but fans are able to tell the evolvement of the singers’ vocals. The “Sucker” music video already received over 76 million views, making it one of the most watched YouTube videos of 2019. It not only features the brothers, but it also features Nick and Kevin’s wives as well as Joe’s fiancé.

But what drove this group apart in the first place? Fans may remember a time in 2013 when the brothers went on a break and came back together only to later cancel an upcoming tour two days before it launched. Three weeks later, the siblings announced their official split. The brothers stated that there was a disagreement over the direction of their music, so they each took time apart to pursue their own endeavors. Nick Jonas chose a solo career and came out with his hit songs, “Jealous” and “Chains.” Joe Jonas went to work with the American pop band, DNCE, creating “Cake by the Ocean” and “Toothbrush.” Meanwhile, Kevin Jonas stayed out of the limelight and focused on starting a real estate/construction company called JonasWerner. The reunion came about eight months ago when the brothers put their old rifts aside after feeling like they’d put enough time into doing their own thing and wanted to work together again.

Now, as if the release of “Sucker” isn’t enough to make every Jonas Brothers fan shriek and jump up and down, the brothers have announced that they have 30-40 new songs recorded that they cannot wait to release. An album is also underway, so stay tuned for the release date because this is only the beginning of the Jonas Brothers’ comeback.