Racy Stacy: Sticky Situations

Welcome back Hawks. Hope everyone had a relaxing — and maybe scandalous — spring break. I figured now that everyone is back from vacation with a severely damaged liver and some exciting stories, it might be fun to ask some RWU students for cringe-worthy and funny sex stories.
Student 1: “My boyfriend and I had just finished having sex and he came on me in his living room. He went to the bathroom to get stuff to clean up. His roommate proceeded to walk in so I threw a blanket over myself and tried to hide on the couch. His roommate said, “why is it so dark in here?” My boyfriend lied and said we had just taken a nap. Luckily his roommate went to his room and shut the door so I could finally clean up.”
Student 2: “Freshman year, I was seeing a girl that I lived with who recently broke up with her boyfriend. Or at least that’s what she had told me. They were going out to a club in Providence and she asked me if I would come. Her “ex” boyfriend was driving so I said no f***ing way I’m going. But she said she wanted me to go so I did. We walked up the stairs into the club and five seconds later she started making out with me. While her boyfriend was right down stairs. He’s not the biggest fan of me.”
Student 3: “My roommates and I had all gone out as a group one night and the girl that lived next door to me brought a guy home with us. We were all just hanging out in her room when we all decided to go to bed. Two hours later I was woken up to this awful noise… it was her moaning from the other room. I sent her a Snapchat to let her know she was being too loud. She denies to this day ever having sex with him even though I have a Snapchat video with the sounds and heard them talking about how quiet they were after the fact.”
If you have any crazy stories you want to share, DM me on Twitter and your story may just end up getting shared.