New Spring Concert announcement

This year’s spring concert is sure to bring back some nostalgic feelings for many RWU students.

CEN announced Friday that Jesse McCartney, Lupe Fiasco and Caleb Hawley will be performing in the Field House on Thursday, April 25.

The spring concert has long been a tradition at RWU and is an event that students look forward to every year in April.

Alec Gesualdi, a board member of the Campus Entertainment Network, said the traditional way the university informed the student body about the identities of the spring concert artist and the final comedian, was through a dance event with musicians or a DJ. At the end of the “release party,” the names of the spring concert artist, the final comedian and the theme for spring week were previously announced after a countdown at the event.

With the release party no longer being as effective in the age of social media, CEN decided to take a new approach.


“We saw with social media, the numbers began to dwindle and a lot of people were not coming out as much,” Gesualdi said. “…social media is so easy to see it, and do whatever else you wanted to do that Friday.

Last year, CEN saw the lowest attendance they have ever had for a release party, so they decided to try something new.

“We’ve just decided that we are going to work on a new plan for release, and see how the campus responds to it,” Gesualdi said.

This year, CEN released the identities of the spring concert artist and final comedian by putting up posters around campus, and held a food truck event with music on Friday.

Junior Riley Thomson said she approves of this new way of informing the student body about the spring concert.

“I liked how they used the fliers, put them around campus, so I thought it was a good way to announce it,” Thomson said. “I know that the release parties were normally done in the past, but I feel like they were able to get the same message out, and everyone was still informed.”

Gesualdi also wanted the student body to know that they should “always vote in the spring concert survey” because it helps CEN find both a spring concert and final comedian that all of the student body can enjoy.