Thirdstory—A Band Worth Listening to

Kathryn Sturdevant, Herald Contributor

Thirdstory is a trio band who formed in New York in 2014. The band consists of singer/songwriters Elliott Skinner, Ben Lusher and Richard Saunders. They first began with singing a lot of popular covers from artists such as Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and Ariana Grande. They began to form more of a following and in 2016 they released their debut album called “Searching.” Then, in March of last year, they released their first full album called “Cold Heart.” Two of the songs, “G-Train” and “Still in Love” blew up.

Their band seems to work nicely because when they all sing together, it sounds angelic and the blend is almost pitch perfect. The men range from singing very low, giving the bass-like sound, to singing in a very high soprano. The majority of their music is about their love lives and the struggles they go through.

The most powerful message they portray is not loving themselves and struggling with self doubt. A very powerful lyric in their song “Searching for a Feeling” is “You shouldn’t tell me I make you proud, I don’t deserve any praise.” The majority of their music is slow and has a melancholy and soothing tone to it — especially the song “Grows Old.” It’s a very bittersweet and beautiful song that demonstrates their range and blending abilities.

Although the band has gone their separate ways, their music continues to play and show the power of three with strong harmonies and beautiful, touching music.