Racy Stacy: Hookup hot spots

By Racy Stacy

We’ve all been there. Your roommate is home, you were already out, whatever the case may be. A dorm room rendezvous wasn’t in the cards. So where do you go? I spoke with a few students about their hot spots and how they feel about hooking up around campus.


When speaking with students, GHH seemed to be quite a popular location. But I mean, it is open 24 hours a day. One student said “GHH is perfect because there are tons of options and the third floor is usually empty at night.”


“The shell path was my go-to sophomore year. It’s pretty secluded but could go wrong if you don’t plan around the sailing practices.”

“The bathrooms on the second floor of new res, while not the most glamorous are…spacious. There is also a parking lot past Baypoint that no one is ever in.”

I also spoke with a student who wasn’t so keen on the idea of fooling around on campus. “Absolutely not. No way I’m risking someone walking in on me somewhere on campus. I’m cringing just thinking about it.”

Which opinion do you lean towards? As you can tell Hawks, there aren’t a lot of places on campus people haven’t already been. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find somewhere new for you. If your room isn’t free or you’re just feeling a change of scenery, I hope this helped spark a bit of inspiration. And as always, make sure to wear protection to prevent STDs and pregnancy.