Republicans: Tax return

Christopher Troccolo, Herald Contributor

To this day, many in America on the left have not given up the 2016 election. They still fight on and continue to try and tarnish the winner, President Trump. These same people are the ones that desperately hope to find a reason to remove him from office. It is clear at this point that there is nowhere they will hesitate to go to achieve this goal –– which can be a dangerous path to go down. 

Republicans believe in the issue that an ever-growing government can infringe on the rights of its citizens and representatives. Laws that allow congress to subpoena information about anyone, in any body of government, are not good. Donors and other political allies can be targeted for partisan reasons. The people and representatives have the right to their privacy, and these kinds of laws should be removed from the books if our current Congress has a fear of overreaching governments. 

Some argue that because we have these laws in effect now, we should use them against Trump, which is a morally ignorant conclusion to make. Just because something is legal does not make it morally right to do. President Trump has the same right to privacy that the rest of us have, and Congress infringing upon this simply for political turmoil is petty. To conclude, Congress should not subpoena Trump’s taxes. Furthermore, we need to be ever vigilant of what powers we give future presidents and Congress members to ensure our freedom and prosperity.