College briberies: Classic case of parents forcing their dreams onto their children

By now, the news has probably reached everyone about the wealthy parents, including two well-known television actresses, bribing coaches and college admissions officials to get their kids into selective colleges.

Fifty people have been charged in what the FBI has named Operation Varsity Blues, according to The Washington Post. Lori Loughlin from “Full House” and Felicity Huffman from “Desperate Housewives” are among those charged. These parents went to great, illegal lengths to get their children into selective colleges such as Georgetown University, Yale University, University of Southern California and Stanford University. They knew their kids did not have a chance of getting into these prestigious institutions with their less-than-qualifying grades, so they decided to use their wealth to ensure that their kids were accepted.

Coaches were paid large sums of money to pretend the students were recruited for the team, even if they had never played before. Loughlin and her husband bribed a coach with $500,000 so their two daughters would be recruits for the University of South Carolina rowing team, according to The Washington Post. Neither of them were, in fact, part of the team.

This was a multi-million dollar bribing scheme, and it is absolutely despicable. There are so many students who work tirelessly to get into colleges like these, knowing that they might not be accepted, but still willing to try their best because it is what they want. And then you have students like Olivia Jade, Loughlin’s daughter, who publicly stated that she only wants to go to college for the parties. People like her, who have not worked hard and have no real desire to go to selective universities, are taking up spots they do not deserve. The parents involved in the bribery have severely abused their wealth by doing this. It is absolutely horrible that they felt the need to have themselves look better by trying to get their kids into these universities. The only thing that these parents have succeeded in doing is making themselves look terrible, corrupt and desperate.