Comedians wrap up “Stay Woke Week”

Sierra Gorkun, Herald Contributor

Telling stories and spitting jokes aligned with the theme of Stay Woke Week, comedians Leclerc Andre and Jenny Zigrino took the stage in the Rec Center last Friday to round out the week-long events hosted by MSU.

The event began with only half of the tables occupied that were scattered throughout the gym and two students who welcomed the audience asked everyone to move forward to make it look “more filled in.”

As the first comedian, Andre, walked onto stage, he immediately got to work attempting to hype up the crowd. Yet it took some time for the crickets to subside and the audience to relax. Although laughter began to fill the room, at first it was uncertain whether it was from the awkward emptiness or if it truly was from the jokes being told. Yet soon, as Andre jumped in with jokes ranging from a roast-like critique of Christopher Columbus, to the progress made in terms of toxic masculinity and the things he has learned from white culture, the crowd began to roar with laughter.

After about 30 minutes, Andre wrapped up with a final joke, a plug for his podcast, “Eff’n Up,” and welcomed Zigrino onto the stage.

Lasting about an hour, her set focused on stories from her life regarding family, body positivity, dating and traveling. Much of her comedy pulled in the audience through direct interaction, asking for a raise of hands in regards to stories she began with questions such as, “any Jews?” or “anyone with old parents?” She then intertwined her jokes and personal stories with the answers she got from specific people throughout the crowd. At times, she would single out one person and joke back and forth with them until moving onto another person or topic.

Her jokes also followed the overarching theme of staying woke and worked to bring a more comfortable and open vibe to the atmosphere by telling jokes and stories that were more personal than the average person might share. She wrapped up the night with an audience-inclusive poll of the best pick-up lines and ended with what she claimed to be the best pick-up line ever heard — because she had written it.

Freshman Jared Gregorek said it was “a funny show and a great way to spend some time friends.

The comedians not only successfully entertained the fairly small attendance present, but they also kept on brand with the theme of staying woke, effectively wrapping up the MSU-hosted Stay Woke Week, which had a variety of events framed in a lens of social justice.