NaDI’s powerful and creative 2nd issue is out!

Kathryn Sturdevant, Herald Contributor

Interested in art and social justice? The NaDI magazine just came out with their second issue. NaDI stands for “new and dangerous ideas.” The team’s goal is to project social justice issues through artwork made by RWU students.

This year’s issue was focused around the topic of “Ask Why?” and “Don’t be scared to ask questions about the problems in our society.” The theme of this issue of the magazine challenges people to ask themselves how they can be a change in this world, making NaDI an extremely powerful source on campus. Some artists talked about their struggle with being gay, and others powerfully spoke about how they are affected by social justice — their artwork helped to empower their words more.

Av Binns made a drawing and spoke about the artwork at the launch party. Binns spoke about how art is a creative and peaceful way to demonstrate activism, resistance and protests. Binns made a drawing for the magazine called, “This is not a woman’s body,” and it is a picture of what people might believe a woman’s body looks like. The piece is about gender fluidity and gender expression. Binns comes out to say there are differences between gender expression and living with whatever and however you want to express yourself.

Savannah Fox Tree-McGrath spoke about her painting called “Like Mother Like Daughter” where she discusses that her Native American background makes up who she is today. Her piece is trying to show that Native Americans still struggle to have their voice heard in this country. All the artists’ pieces in the magazine are powerful and portray very different ideas that are extremely powerful and important for our campus to talk about and help spread to the world. NaDI is here to inform the campus about social justice issues with stories that Roger Williams’s own students have to share.