Netflix Original Movie: “The Perfect Date”

Emma Bartlett, Herald Contributor

Netflix’s newest original movie, “The Perfect Date,” is nothing less than a classic romance film with a modern twist. 

Brooks Rattigan, the main character, has no other dream than to go to Yale and be important. He does not know how he will rise to stardom, but he is sure Yale is the answer since only noteworthy individuals get their start there. Although Rattigan has the grades for the Ivy League, he falls short when it comes to money and his father’s support. When the young teen overhears a fellow student in need of an escort for his cousin, Rattigan offers to bring her to her school dance in return for a cash payment.

His date, Celia Lieberman, turns out to be a handful, but at the end of the dance, she compliments Rattigan on his ability to make sure she had a fun time. This goes to his head and he creates a chaperone service app with his best friend. This app calls on Rattigan to be a date for anyone, and the money he raises goes towards Yale tuition. While he balances his new job, Rattigan also finds his eye drawn towards Shelby Pace, a girl who goes to Celia’s school. Celia offers to help him get the girl of his dreams which ultimately calls for a few big lies.

“The Perfect Date” is a cute, heartwarming story for those interested in romantic films. Although the movie is good, there are several flaws that make the plot illogical. The movie also lacks substance and a greater, overall meaning. After the movie ended, there was a sense of incompleteness. 

Despite its imperfections, “The Perfect Date” is still worth watching and includes notable actors and actresses. Noah Centineo, who starred in the final three seasons of “The Fosters,” and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” plays Brooks Rattigan while Laura Marano from Disney’s “Austin and Ally” plays Celia Lieberman. Also, for “Riverdale” fans, Camila Mendes makes an appearance in the film as Rattigan’s love interest, Shelby Pace.