This Week in RWU History: The Evolution of Accepted Students Day and Spring Open Houses

Swoop poses with a cardboard cut-out of himself.

Spring is here, which means it is peak season for Accepted Students Days and Open Houses at RWU. On April 9, 1985, the RWU student newspaper released an issue of The Messenger about spring open houses. Former student Jennifer San Souci shared the details behind spring open houses and how they were successful. In 1985, many events were held for these prospective students and their families, allowing them to indulge themselves into the RWU lifestyle and take part of different discussions.

The first step for the incoming families was a stop at the Thomas J. Paolino Recreation Center. Here, they were informed on sports programs and witnessed exhibits from all academics and clubs. The president held a reception, as well. Around 1 p.m., the events began to move faster as there was a demonstration by the equestrian team which was followed by a financial aid presentation in the school of business. The theatre group also had a performance, there was an opportunity to tour the architecture building and lastly, there was an informational session on housing and student life. 

Transitioning over to current times, RWU is in full swing as Open Houses and Accepted Student Days are underway. The undergrads at RWU enjoy these days because they believe the Upper Commons prepares the best breakfast these days to further impress prospective students and their families. A lot of work goes into these events. 

“I love working Accepted Student Days. Even though it is a lot of work that goes into it and we have around 75 student employees on deck, watching the event come alive and see the students ready to commit to a place I call home is worth any stress I had during that week, day or moment,” said Lead Event Staff Melissa Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is a junior undergraduate who works under Kelly Smith in organizing events on campus and is lead staff in event preparation. 

“From last year’s Accepted Student Days to now, we have changed the different fairs and showcases that families can attend throughout the day. We have changed the event to cater each and every students’ needs by letting them build their day and attend sessions and meet faculty in a way that makes sense for them,” said Rodriguez. “The flexibility and openness helps families to do whatever they would like while receiving the information necessary to make this big decision.” 

Seeing that the events have changed so much over one year, and comparing them to the events held in 1985, it is safe to conclude that a lot of effort goes into ASD and Open House at RWU. These days have evolved to better suit the interests of the students and their families. 

“The Mount Hope Bridge cupcake display at GHH has become a stellar tradition with the best cupcakes around. The families have a chance to mingle with the president of the university and other large committees on campus while enjoying amazing cupcakes,” said Rodriguez. 

The new and improved event from 1985 to now typically happens on the weekends in the spring running from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., giving ample amounts of time for all families to arrive and enjoy all that there is to offer.