Late night talk show features live student entertainment: WQRI hosts its Late Late Show

Late night talk shows have made it to the college scene. Alex Bowden hosted The Late Late Show with WQRI on March 30 alongside Max Goldberg, combining features from different late night talk shows. Bowden began the show by running out with a lot of energy and hyping up the audience before moving into his monologue.

 The crowd was initially unenthusiastic but the host still made it work and energized the audience. Bowden’s take on Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” segment was one of the most popular, and he tailored the notes to jokes about RWU. He wrote notes to the engineering building for being a roadblock, Roger Central for being too difficult to understand and Upper Commons for having small paper plates.

Shattered in Between, the live band made up of five freshman students, performed covers of various songs and broke up the comedic segments nicely.

Kyle Ruginski and Dok presented a segment on how to start a small business, where they had to think on their feet to present it because they had not seen the slides before standing on stage. 

A comedic skit was played out by students based on Celebrity Jeopardy. The contestants were J.K. Rowling, Olivia Jade and the Jonas Brothers, and were played by Brandon Fink, Goldberg, Eli Bakas, David Corio and Jill Stevens. The audience was roaring with laughter throughout the short skit.

Bowden interviewed two guests, Student Senator Rees Harold and Student Senate President Kayla Devin. Harold talked about his role on Senate and dealing with clubs and organizations. He also spoke about his internship in the State Senate. Harold and Bowden then played Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts, where they had to consume disgusting things like clam juice, Marmite, Spam, wasabi and sardines.

Devin spoke about her role on Senate and her experiences with the gavel in the Senate chamber. She was given a Rubik’s cube to solve while the audience counted to see how long it would take her to complete it. She was only able to solve one side in a minute, so they transitioned into the next segment.

The most shocking segment of the night occurred when Devin was tasked with shaving Goldberg’s head on stage. Devin was given scissors and clippers to remove Goldberg’s hair, which he is now planning on donating to a facility that takes hair clippings and uses them to clean up oil spills. 

The night concluded with Bowden extending a sincere thank you to the audience and to all the people who were involved in putting the night together. The hard work that went into the show was evident and made for an entertaining evening. 

Allie DeFabritiis, a freshman general senator in the student senate, was in attendance during the show.

“It was nice to see other student senators getting involved in other orgs,” DeFabritiis said.