Ballroom dancers practice their skills at Masquerade Ball: Members of Ballroom Dance Club bring their friends for a good time

Many students love the opportunity to dance the night away and have a good time with their friends.

On April 6, the Ballroom Dance Club hosted its Masquerade Ball in the Field House from 7 to 10 p.m. The ball was one of the social dances the club holds each semester where members of the club and dancers from other colleges can come and practice what they have learned. Dancers can bring their friends or family to dance with and practice the six specific types of dances practiced within the club: Waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba and swing. 

Admission costs $5 for students and $7 for community members. In keeping with the masquerade theme, attendees were asked to come wearing semi-formal attire and a mask of some kind, though only a few people there were actually wearing masks.

Each of the attendees had their own reasons for both joining the club and coming to this event. 

Kaitlyn O’Connor, the club’s treasurer, said her resident’s assistant (RA) convinced her to join the club during her freshman year and she loved it from the first meeting she went to. She also said she loves all the social dances, particularly the decorations. O’Connor went to the Masquerade Ball accompanied by two friends from RWU, Margaret Morgenstern and Nicholas Colb. 

Among other attendees was Alexis Eley, who said she joined the club because she wanted to try out ballroom dancing. She came to the ball both for extra practice and to dance with her friends. 

Devon Caplan, another guest at the event, said he joined because dancing is his passion and he came to the ball hoping to dance with students from other colleges. 

Sara Goei said she joined the club because she likes competing in things and having fun at the same time. She came to the ball both for practice and to have fun without being judged for it. 

Ballroom‘s Masquerade Ball made it easy for students to be themselves and take advantage of an event where they can both have fun and also gain more skills on the dance floor.