This Month in Roger History: The Fitness Center

In an anonymous email to a 1992 Roger Williams College newspaper editor, a student shared his/her concerns and complaints towards the athletic facilities. Mainly, the complaints involved the gym where the student experienced two broken machines back-to-back in one day. The bolts and screws were not fastened, so the machine came crashing down; they were the rowing and the stair machines. 
“Broken machines and poor maintenance led to broken fitness promises and poor fitness results,” said the anonymous letter. “Speaking for myself and on behalf of the students which have to endure the unpredictable condition of the athletic training facilities, I submit a request to improve the gym facilities. The athletic department must find a way to work this out, because we can’t go on working out like this!” the anonymous speaker had as a closing statement. 
It is safe to say that the RWU Recreation and Fitness Center has made improvements since 1992, as the anonymous email stated “wooden foot stretcher” in regard to the rower that broke. RWU has a wide variety of machines that help to accommodate the individual fitness levels of all students, along with their specific needs and interests. Some equipment includes: treadmills, cross trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, steppers, free weights, selectorized machines and yoga mats.
With a gorgeous view of the Mount Hope Bay, the 9,000 square foot fitness center houses all equipment from LifeFitness. While working out, the students are provided multiple types of entertainment as well. They have televisions hanging overhead with different channels playing, and music to help keep those who left their earbuds behind focused and motivated.
“I like that the RWU gym has a lot of different types of machines that you can use. There is a lot of variety depending on the type of workout you’re looking for,” shared junior Alyssa Pompano. “I think they can improve still by adding more treadmills and yoga mats because, oftentimes, I have to wait a while before one frees up. I also wish the gym offered more morning/night classes like spin, weights call, etc.”