Out with the old, in with the Nitro: New Harvest Coffee provides Nitro cold brew, tea at GHH cafe

New Harvest’s Nitro cold brew is a new beverage option at the Starbucks in GHH.

Starbucks is brewing something new at its location in Global Heritage Hall.

The cold brew coffee served at the cafe is no longer the regular Starbucks brand — it is Nitro cold brew made by New Harvest Coffee Roasters in Pawtucket.

The family-owned business had several discussions with the university in mid-February 2019 when New Harvest proposed carrying its Nitro cold brew on campus. According to Rich Gaccione, sales and account manager, it took about a month of conversations to put the plan into action.

“The dedication and support of local food and beverage businesses that RWU has is very special,” he said. “It supports the local business ecosystem and gives the students a glimpse into the wonderful world of local variety when making coffee choices on campus.”

The Nitro debuted on March 18, 2019, along with a new tea they are also serving. It has mixed reviews from students on campus.

“It’s enjoyable, has a little bit of a different taste but in a good way,” senior Connor Marsters said. “If you don’t like black coffee I wouldn’t recommend, it’s slightly bitter.”

Senior Cheyenne Quintal agreed.

“I really like the Nitro cold brew. I think it’s smooth with a creamy hint. It’s definitely high in caffeine and what I need for that end of day boost.”

As for the tea New Harvest also provides at the RWU cafe, she is not a big fan.

“It was bitter and had a bite to it that I wasn’t expecting. If that’s what you’re into I’m sure you’ll love it, but I’ll definitely stick to regular tea bags.”

The coffee is on tap at GHH and will soon be available in a mobile kegerator system that will be at outdoor events and other locations on campus. A unique aspect of New Harvest is its coffee training lab, which includes espresso machines and coffee brewers that help teach people how to brew coffee. Not only does the company provide these training services to wholesale customer employees, but they also open them up to the public.

“If anyone is interested in learning more on how to brew coffee, make latte art or just learn more about coffee, our training lab is the place to go,” Gaccione said.

While New Harvest has three locations where its products are sold and distributed, the Pawtucket roastery is home to the main office and headquarters. The company is big on building relationships with local businesses and companies, often providing hot coffee donations to events such as the Rhode Island State House Christmas tree lighting ceremony. They also have an ongoing relationship supporting the Sojourner House, an organization that supports and helps people who are victims of domestic and sexual violence.