Racy Stacy: Looking back on awkward times

Racy Stacy

With the end of this school year comes a new Stacy, but don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you updated on all things racy.

Seniors, we’re looking at you this week. I want to take this time to remind you how ready you are for the real world, whether you realize it or not. I would like for you to reminisce about the maybe not-so-great times you had while you were here that will help remind that you can get through anything. I’m sure you have experienced at least one of these situations, if not more. And let me tell you, if you made it through these moments… just think about how much you can accomplish!

  • Your roommate, or really anyone, walking in on you and your partner at any time. You must have realized by now that the sock on the doorknob can always fall off.
  • Hooking up with someone and then seeing them the next morning, and then every day after that for the next four years…

  • Walking around campus with orange concealer over your very evident hickey. We’ve all been there, girls AND guys.

  • Going on a “date” to Lower as a freshman because you don’t have a car. Honestly, what could be more romantic?

  • Going on Tinder and seeing every single guy from this school, and I mean every one of them.

  • Taking the RIPTA to the club for the first time as a freshman, grinding with a bunch of horny strangers, thinking that this is the moment that makes college so great. Yikes.

  • Finding out that having sex is not like the movies. Hair is in both of your faces, no one can find any of the holes and both parties come out looking like a complete mess. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there.

  • Laying in your bed and hearing all of the squeaking coming from the ceiling, below you and all of the shared walls.

I hope thinking back on these rough times will help you remember that no matter how bad it may seem, it can only go up from here! Trust me, with all this experience under your belt, it will definitely go up. Take what you have learned these past four years, both in the classroom and under the sheets, and get out there Hawks. Have fun these last few weeks and go out with a BANG!


Racy Stacy