Softball says goodbye to five

The five seniors line up for a picture after winning their doubleheader against Nichols College on April 28.

Megan Julian, Sports Editor

“It’s hard to see them be seniors. I can remember them coming in as freshmen. Three of them have been here for four years, Bella has been here for two and Liz is one year, but where has the time gone,” reflected Joyce Maudie, head coach for softball.

Seniors Micaela Pohl, Hailey Prechtel, Amanda Boulter, Bella Malvinni and Elizabeth Lombardo have all said that they have mixed emotions about their season coming to an end. They all could agree on one thing: it is most definitely bittersweet. 

Pohl played on the softball team for all four of her years at RWU, being recruited as an incoming freshman. She is happy to be starting a new chapter in her life, but sad to be leaving.

Pohl said that her time here has taught her a lot about interacting with people who have different personalities. She said that the game of softball has taught her a lot as well.

“In softball, I have had some of my highest highs and lowest lows while playing here the past four years. It teaches you how to get over your mistakes quickly and persevere through the bad things,” Pohl said.

Pohl also said that her time here as an ROTC Cadet and student athlete has helped sharpen her time management skills.

Once Pohl graduates, she will be assessed into active duty or the United States Army. She will head down to Georgia for basic training in June and will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. 

Hailey Prechtel, another four-year player, described her feeling toward graduating as bittersweet. She said saying goodbye to everyone will be hard, but she believes they will stay in touch.

Pretchel said her time at RWU has taught her so much.

“I have learned that you learn the most and grow as a player when things are challenging. Once you get past the obstacles, it does get easier and that’s when you succeed the most,” Pretchel said.

She also said that being part of a team taught her something new every day, whether it was about herself, the game or her teammates. She learned that you cannot be afraid to challenge yourself and to always remain confident. She believes she can apply these lessons to life as well.

After graduation, Pretchel will be studying behavioral analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology. She is planning to move down to Florida in July.

Amanda Boulter, another four-year player who walked on the team as a freshman, also describes her time here at RWU as bittersweet and is sad to say goodbye, but is excited to see what is next.

Boulter says RWU has taught her that everything happens for a reason. She believes that the memories and relationships she has forged from this experience have built her confidence as an individual and helped her become a better person.

“The relationships and experiences are something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” said Boulter.

After graduation, Boulter will be completing her MBA at RWU next year through the 4+1 program.

Bella Malvinni, a transfer student who played for two years at RWU, says that her time here has helped her to branch out of her horizons. She describes herself as a more closed off person, but the university has greatly helped her bloom.

“It has taught me discipline and time management. At my previous school it was more laid-back,” Malvinni said. “I didn’t particularly like school before then, but once I got here and met all the professors and coaching staff, I loved it, which got me to loving school and loving softball even more.”

This is Malvinni’s last year playing softball, but she will be attending RWU in the fall to finish up some classes she needs to take. She is hoping to have a career in graphic design.

Elizabeth Lombardo played for one year on the RWU softball team, since she transferred here from Salve Regina University. She said playing here at RWU helped her discover what she wanted to do for a career. She plans to go into coaching, and hopes to get a master’s degree in Business and Administration, since she wants to build her own softball program at a school. 

Lombardo also said she will be taking away a lot of the philosophy from the RWU softball team as she moves into the next phase of her life, as it has taught her positivity and knowing the proper way to enforce constructive criticism. 

Lombardo is sad about her collegiate softball career coming to end. 

“To think I am done playing is just like very sad. It has been a part of my life so long,” Lombardo said. 

Even though she is sad, she said she is thankful for the opportunity to get to play a sport she loves.

Coach Maudie and the softball program thank these five seniors for all they have done for the team.

“Thank you for the memories, for being a part of this team and everything you have done for the Roger Williams softball program,” Coach Maudie said.