Helpful Hacks to Ease School Hassles

(StatePoint) Whether your life revolves around cubby holes and recess or rolling campus hills and term papers, helpful hacks can ensure students, teachers and families are organized in dorm rooms, classrooms and households.

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It’s all about having supplies on hand that keep items tidy and make cleaning easier. Even regular household staples can be repurposed to help students stay organized. For instance, plastic cups in a muffin tin can become an instant art supply holder, and binder clips can separate tangled cords and chargers. An over-the-door shoe organizer can make for great storage space for snacks or other dorm room essentials.

When heading to the store, consider versatile products like EasyLiner brand shelf liners by Duck brand, which can be used to line desk drawers, protect craft tables, decorate mini dorm room fridges and more to help items stay in place, guard against spills and add a touch of personal style. Shelf liners can even be used to make book covers and mouse pads.

With proper organization and the right tools, everyone can concentrate on school work and a successful year.