Know What To Do In Case Of A Disaster

By NAPS, North American Precis Syndicate

(NAPSI)—In 2019 alone, there have been at least six weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each—but you can be prepared for anything with the expert assistance of a NAPO Professional Member.

What To Do

Here are seven tips to help you be prepared:

1. Sign up for local alerts and warnings from school, work or the government.

2. Pick a safe and familiar place where your family can go for protection or to reunite, and practice meeting there.

3. Know the evacuation routes out of town.

4. Keep a written list of important phone numbers. If your phone isn’t fully charged or you lose it, you won’t have to try to remember anyone’s phone number.

5. Identify one person who lives outside the state whom you can contact to share updates about you and your loved ones. Keep this person’s information on hand and provide him or her with a written list of your most important contacts and their phone numbers.

6. Join the 51.5 percent of U.S. homes that have an emergency evacuation kit prepared. In a waterproof container, pack first-aid supplies including antibiotic cream, bandages, alcohol swabs and pain relievers; a flashlight and batteries; a three-day supply of water and nonperishable foods (and a can opener); a battery-powered radio; a whistle to signal for help; and spare clothes or blankets.

7. Once the coast is clear and you are allowed to return to your home, you may find it in complete disarray, damaged or even destroyed. You’ll need to know whom to contact, your policy numbers, your account logins and passwords and so on. With the assistance of a professional organizer, you’ll be better prepared for life-changing and extremely stressful events.

When disaster strikes, you generally won’t have time to think about all the items you need to bring with you just for survival, let alone any irreplaceable items such as copies of insurance policies, identification, bank account records, and personal memorabilia. You may have 20 minutes or less to prepare for the possibility of never seeing your home again.

Fortunately, professional organizers can help with expert advice on which items to include in your disaster kit, how to back up your most important information electronically and where to keep your kit, depending on your unique situation. They can help take the stress out of an incredibly stressful situation.

More than 3,400 members of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, are ready to provide their expert, hands-on assistance for disaster preparedness, disaster recovery and hundreds of other life situations.

Where To Learn More

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