Delete laptop repair struggles at the Media Tech desk

It is almost impossible to find a student who is not carrying a laptop with them on campus. Students in the 21st century rely on technology for classes, assignments and even to take breaks from studying.

Yet a reliance on laptops could lead to the unfortunate riskof them breaking down, which can have a severe impact on students’ ability to do necessary work for classes. 
If this happens, know there is no need to go spend big bucks on repairs.
RWU’s Media Tech specializes in laptop repair and data recovery at no cost for labor. Students only need to pay for the parts that may be needed for the repair.
Think of us as a one-stop-shop for all of your technology questions and needs here on campus,” Media Tech Service Desk Manager Joel Normandin said. “Even if we can’t find the exact solution to your problem, we will do our best to help in any way we can.”
Normandin recommended students bring their laptops and chargers as soon as possible when problems start happening. They even fix liquid damaged laptops and recommend students not to try to fix the laptops on their own as this can further the damage sustained.
Students are provided links to the best available part by the laptop repair technician and then the student gets the part and brings it to Media Tech when it arrives. Normandin said a common issue among students is hard drive failure, which can occur from a student’s active lifestyle.
There are a few tips Normandin gave in terms of keeping laptops running smoothly,
“Keep your computer clean of malware by using Malwarebytes and running weekly scans. On the topic of viruses and malware, don’t run multiple anti-virus programs at the same time,” Normandin said. “Running multiple anti-virus programs will slow your computer down considerably and could even impact your ability to access the Internet.”
He also recommended not laying laptops on blankets to prevent suffocation and to use a cooling pad when gaming. Outside of RWU, laptop repair could potentially cost hundreds of dollars, but with a laptop repair technician on campus, the cost is minimal.